8 November 2022

How to use Surgical instruments- By Medical Plus
How to use Surgical instruments- By Medical Plus

Surgical  instruments are the basic tools that are used in surgery. Examples are:

  • Needles
  • Blades
  • Amalgam Plugger/Condensers
  • Retractors
  • Scalpel holders
  • Scissors
  • Forceps
  • Clamps
  • Needle drivers
  • Large Clamps


There are three different types of needles available; the circle needle, the circle needle and the straight needle. Needles are important part of surgical instruments and used for different purposes in a surgical operation. Some of which are:

  •  A needle is embedded into a vein in arrange to draw blood. 
  •  A needle is implanted into an supply route in arrange to measure blood pressure. A needle is embedded into the spinal line in arrange to allow an infusion of medication blades.


 There’s a 10-blade with a bended cutting edge, an 11-blade that’s triangularly pin-pointed, a 12-blade (fasten cutter) and a 15-blade. The edge is utilized to make an passage point inside the skin . 

Amalgam Plugger/Condensers

  Amalgam condenser is a dental instrument for amalgam situation. Idealize for dental board exams, seat exams and clinical utilize  . They are utilized to provide and condense the reclamation to the tooth arrangement. 


 Retractors are sharp and circular retractors. The sharp retractors have six prong . They are commonly utilized for withdrawing and at the same time lifting the skin and subcutaneous tissue. 


Different scissors are used, either straight or curved. Scissors are basically used for cutting.


  Surgical forceps are utilized for getting a handle on and holding diverse objects in the midst of surgical strategies. These instruments incorporate hand forceps, needle holders, clamping forceps, and others. 

Amalgam Carrier

 These act like syringes, carrying in their tubular tip the amalgam that’s inserted and squeezed within the dental depth by squeezing on a lever, which actuates the cylinder interior the tube or the back conclusion of the amalgam carrier. 


This is the most basic instruments used during surgery. It is a knife with a blade (about 1 to 3 cm) that makes cuts in the skin or other tissues. The blade is very small and helps make clean cuts.

Needle driver/holder

 There are diverse sorts of needle holders. They are straight, curved-left, curved-right, and self-righting needle holders. They are utilized to hold suturing needles amid surgical strategies

Crown and Collar Scissors 

  Collar and Crown Scissors are most used for restorative procedures  as a surgical instrument  such as cutting dental dam material, retraction cord and stainless steel crowns. These bridge scissors have blades that may be straight or curved. 

Dental Heidbrink Root Tip Pick Elevators   

Root elevators are used for surgical tooth extractions. They are used to dislocate the tooth in the osseous alveolus and to expand the alveolus walls. Root elevators are  used to open the gingival sulcus prior to the tooth extraction. Straight instruments are used in the anterior region and in the maxillary area.

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